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Would you buy a house if it was haunted?

You move into your new home, and you're home alone. Suddenly, the laundry door slams. You begin rationalizing. Was it a draft? Is the air conditioning on? Let's have a look at those hinges. Is the floor uneven? Then your mind starts turning to the paranormal...does your new house have an unseen inhabitant?

According to, a recent survey showed that 73 percent of the respondents said they would buy a haunted house. Of course, it was 1,000 Americans, but that is an astoundingly high number.

Interestingly, in the sale of Florida real estate, the duty to disclose haunting or unexplained activity is not required. Additionally, disclosure of events such as homicides, suicides or other deaths is not required in Florida real estate transactions.

So, buyer boooooowaaarreeeeee!!!

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