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Live Local Act has "local" impact for Marco Island

The Miami Herald article linked below addresses the impact of Florida's new Live Local Act on the historic Art Deco District in Miami Beach, but the impact of the act is absolutely statewide.

In a nutshell, the act totally trumps local zoning and mandates local governments permit the development of multifamily residential rental projects on sites currently zoned as any of mixed-use residential, commercial, or industrial IF at least 40% of the units are committed to "affordable housing".

Further, the local government must grant any proposed project the highest density allowed on any property within its entire jurisdiction. That further, the maximum building height must match the highest allowed height for any commercial or residential development within ONE MILE of a proposed project.

Obviously, our city has a good amount of vacant commercially zoned property. Coupled with the reality of off island box stores, internet sales, and "at home' offices, the state has clearly handed a major new opportunity (or threat) for the development of commercially (as well as industrial and mixed-use residential) zoned properties.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Fred Kramer to discuss potential concerns or implications.

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